Private Parts book review

Last summer the lovely Eleanor sent me a gift, it was her book Private Parts, which was very nice and generous of her. I know it’s taken me along while to actually finish reading the book but with Endometriosis myself and two little ones I have been a tad busy.

So let’s jump right into the review.

Private Parts, How to really live with endometriosis…

Enjoying the book on
the beach last year.

I started reading this while on a mini break with my family last summer and have recently finished it. This book is a honest, funny, real, raw account of one womans battle with a horrible disease. (I hate that word) It is also filled with information and facts on Endometriosis to educate those that aren’t fimiliar with it. Which is fantastic.

This book made me feel less alone, reading about Eleanor’s experiences made me feel like I knew her and I felt a little like I was her going along on a very similar journey myself.

I really liked the interviews at the end of the book, seeing different peoples experiences and journey’s with the same chronic illness is always eye opening.

Having endometriosis myself I found this book comforting and informative. I highly recommend that everyone read this book, its great for those with endometriosis and it includes a wealth of knowledge for those without.

Thank you so much Eleanor for sending me this amazing book, and thank you for writing it.

Thank you reading. Bye beautiful people Xx

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